Corgi Toys 1956-73
371 Porsche Carrera Six

371 Porsche Carrera Six

30 GBP

This is really #330 but reproduced in 1970 with Whizzwheels. Not many of the then current normal models transferred across with so little change. Most got a new colour at least.

The Porsche got a rather paler blue engine cover, smaller wing mirrors and the driver has been made redundant, taking cost savings to a slightly amusing extreme!

They did keep the nice red jewels in the back, though and, at first glance, you wouldn’t notice this as a different model.

This is in good condition - and most of these really did seem to suffer, especially the spoiler. There are a few chips at the front but otherwise this is very good. The suspension was never much on this model in any form. This one is about as good as it gets.

These are very cheap at the moment. Even boxed ones appear to be quoted very cheaply on some sites although I have yet to find any decent ones actually available at those prices so perhaps they are finally taking off a bit. For now, though, despite being one of the harder I’ve found to track down in reasonable shape, I offer this at one of the lowest prices on the site if you want it.

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