Corgi Toys 1956-73
365 Commer Pick-up

365 Commer Pick-up

35 GBP
This model is part of a collection that I am selling on behalf of a friend and colleague and funds are for his son to do a World Scouting Trip. So the prices are all very reasonable and I can warrant that they are all one owner and original.

Usually seen in the Gift Set 24 Construction Set, this is a different version and has a base without any feature to disengage the rear section. This is the boxed version that was available separately. There is a black or very dark brown bench in the rear section whereas the bench supplied in the Gift set was a mid brown shade.

There are two versions of this model too: one in yellow with a red section and this one in red with a yellow section. This seems to be the more common of the two. The Trans-o-lite system lights are an unusual addition for such a model but great to have nonetheless.

This is in good condition all round with good wheels, tyres and suspension and undamaged windows.