Corgi Toys 1956-73
351 RAF Land Rover

351 RAF Land Rover

35 GBP
This is an interesting model. It appears to be close to immaculate with very nice RAF blue paintwork and a base that is like new. the wheels and tyres are also excellent and the screens lovely and clear.

Looking closely, however, I see some traces of yellow beneath the RAF blue paintwork. I am pretty sure this is original as the wheel arches, almost impossible to have painted afterwards, are the correct colour. So I have to conclude that Corgi took the original issue 406 in yellow and black and repainted these for the 351 issues. That is surprising but seems to be the case or, at least, in this instance.

The canopy is straight and not rusty but it has signs of wear.

The spare wheel is original and in place but the tyre has cracked a little.
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