Corgi Toys 1956-73
349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art' original model (2)

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art' original model (2)

750 GBP
One of the always sought-after Corgi models and probably the best known of the rare issues. This Mini was not in the catalogues and available only by mail order during the Summer of 1967, advertised in members' bulletins.

It is a normal 226 with jewels added to the headlamps, a coat of distinctly different rose-red paint and psychedelic style transfers on each body panel. This example has lost all the transfers but I will be replacing them soon. The paintwork is good in the main but there are some large areas of loss all around. some may become less obvious when the transfers are replaced.

The suspension is sound and the screens are all nice and clean and clear. The base has lost a lot of paint but the cast wheels are good. As it stands, this is totally original and a scarce item missing from most collections. One of two examples I have in stock.