Corgi Toys 1956-73
349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art' original model

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art' original model

750 GBP

For many, this is the most desirable of all the Corgi range. Available for a short time to Corgi Club members in 1967 by mail order and not in shops, the status of this little mini has risen unbelievably over the years.

New ones in boxes sell for thousands of pounds and I have seen several wrecked models with damaged windows sell for hundreds. Such is the affection for this model. I am sure much of this is because it is a mini! No-one seems to care as much (or pay as much) for what I am sure must be far rarer models that are almost impossible to find.

I am very lucky to have found this in Holland at a very reasonable price. It is in genuinely very good condition with just a few chips here and there but nothing significant. The windows are lovely and clear and the wheels all good. All the transfers have survived too with only tiny elements worn away.

It is a Morris Mini Minor with jewelled lights. All the other minis with jewels are Mini Coopers.

This is definitely original and no-one has messed about with it. I may pick up a decent reproduction box for this but at the moment it comes with a rather brightly printed one on white card.

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