Corgi Toys 1956-73
348 Ford Mustang 'Flower Power' Edition (2)

348 Ford Mustang 'Flower Power' Edition (2)

80 GBP
A slightly curious model, available only for a short period between 1968 and 1969 and similar in style to the very desirable Mini 'Pop Art' with the following catalogue number. I guess Corgi had to think of something to do with all the castings for the Mustang and this is what they came up with. Paint in pale blue, add some transfers and sell a few more.

This has the same late Mustange interior as can be found on later Competition editions, with the fat tyres on cast wheels also available later on the Competition model. There are also gold cast wheels on some editions, but these are not so easy to find. 

This example is very good, with nice clean paintwork, a few nicks here and there but not very noticeable at all. The windows are bright and clean and the interior is the chalky blue-green shade. The wheels are good and suspension sound and the doors open and close in line. The door inserts are both present. there is a small crack in the rear parcel shelf but this example has very nice and complete transfers and is the better of two I have in stock.