Corgi Toys 1956-73
342 Lamborghini P400GT Miura

342 Lamborghini P400GT Miura

75 GBP

One of the early Whizzwheel models that, apart from the wheels, could sit happily with the others in the normal range.

This is an attractive and well-made model with an original bull too!

Open the bonnet and you’ll find a spare wheel that shows that this was intended to be a ‘Golden Jacks’ issue with take-off wheels! Indeed, the catalogue that came out featuring this first listed it on the ‘Golden Jacks’ page too.

This is in good condition, very little paint loss and nice bright colour, almost flourescent yellow on the opening sections. There is what appears to be some corrosion beneath the paint on the front bonnet. It is not obvious in most views but in some light angles can be seen and it feels rough to the touch. This is not a big distraction for the model on display, though.

The bull is illustrated with the red one I have, where it is also offered. So if that version sells first I will adjust the price here.

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