Corgi Toys 1956-73
334 BMC Mini Cooper S Magnifique

334 BMC Mini Cooper S Magnifique

40 GBP
One of the last Minis before Whizzwheels, Corgi went to town with this marvellous little model. Everything opened and yet the model feels solid and not flimsy. It also gets jewelled headlamps and a sliding roof sun blind. There are two types of the sun blind - one with five or six fat stripes and this one with a dozen or so thin stripes. In my experience the fat striped editions are the harder to find.

This model is all original but has a large chip on the passenger door and more chips on the base. The front suspension is good but the rear suspension is poor, although that is not that obvious on display. The windows are clear and clean and the chrome is bright and complete.

I was intending to take this model apart and respray it orange to match a friend's real Mini Cooper of a similar vintage. It is, however, in better condition than I had thought so it is available at a reasonable price if someone would like it for their collection. Normally these models, available in either metallic blue or green, sell for a lot more.