Corgi Toys 1956-73
333 BMC Mini Cooper S Sun Rally 1967

333 BMC Mini Cooper S Sun Rally 1967

50 GBP

Another version of the Mini Cooper! This has the inscription BMC Mini Cooper S but I am pretty sure that’s an Austin badge on the front.

I believe that there are both Austin and Morris versions and each are quite expensive being available for just a short period in early 1967. There was no #333 box but, as with the previous years models brought out to celebrate a particular success the box is usually a normal mini box with a sticker.

This is the RAC Sun Rally one and joins the white Rover 2000TC in Sun Rally décor in the Top 20 scarcest Corgi Toys. It has certainly been one of the last to find for my collection at a reasonable price. (Very strangely, you may also find this in the Transporter Gift Set issued later in 1967. Those sets are a source of many rare cars or versions for some reason best known to Corgi managers.)

It’s not at all bad. Original throughout and with paint missing mainly only on  one wing and door. A replacement decal would cover much of the door scratch too.

The Austin can also be found with cast wheels. The Morris will always have them.

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