Corgi Toys 1956-73
332 Lancia Fulvia Sports Zagato

332 Lancia Fulvia Sports Zagato

30 GBP

A late model in the series, this is an odd-looking car. The real one is pretty impressive but something hasn’t quite worked with this.

Although the blue metallic paint is virtually as new, and the chrome is bright and screens clear, this is one of those models that didn’t seem to be well-made. The doors are quite loose and the bonnet needs to be held up too. The suspension is all but non-existent, probably based on the plastic chassis method that many others with similar problems had from this era.

The little cast wheels are nice and bright and the car does look pretty smart on display. It’s just a bit frustrating as it could have been so much better.

This one is available at quite a bargain price.

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