Corgi Toys 1956-73
324 Marcos 1800 Coupe - Rare Canada export edition

324 Marcos 1800 Coupe - Rare Canada export edition

140 GBP
This is a model that is almost impossible to find and is certainly missing from most collections. It is the Marcos 1800 Coupe with blue stripes on the bonnet. Normal issues had green but, for the models made for export to Canada the stripes were blue. I have been looking for one for several years. 

This example is not perfect as you'll see, with a chunk of paint missing from the roof and several marks of collisions on other panels, The windows are clean and free of cracks, however, and the driver is still in place. One red door panel is missing. I shall try to find one as I have several others I may be able to steal one from and such a rare edition really should have an original.

The suspension is sound and the nice old spoked wheels and tyres are OK. The base is very clean - it must have spent its time on carpet.