Corgi Toys 1956-73
322 Rover 2000 Monte Carlo Rally Edition

322 Rover 2000 Monte Carlo Rally Edition

74 GBP
This has been one of my favourite models and an example has sat on my desk at work for years and years. The deep maroon and white suit the car well and the addition of jewelled fog lamps to the lovely Trans-o-lite twin headlamps is a real bonus. You just know that the suspension on these will be OK and there is nothing to open or fall off.

This example is really nice, with good screens and nice original decals in place and only one of the RN transfers has any damage and that's very slight. There are three chips, two on the boot and one on a sill. The usual places to look - the bumpers which so often get chipped - are absolutely fine. The wheels are also nice and bright and clean.

It is, of course, all original - don't buy models with replacement RNs as most people selling them use completely the wrong font and look terrible.

I have another example also for sale and that has a good original box (but missing the end flap). I can supply this with that box too if required at a price I can advise (while It remains available).