Corgi Toys 1956-73
322 Rover 2000 International Sun Rally

322 Rover 2000 International Sun Rally

50 GBP

Some models had to be rescued, too far gone to sell as they stood; that’s where the Black List started. I have removed all original paint, replaced damaged or missing elements and resprayed cars black, white or silver-blue.

I am not trying to restore them to original specification but hoping that some collectors will give these cars a new home. They are not perfect but they do look smart on display.

Another collector gave me the idea for this and I am really pleased with the result. It is a difficult car to find and usually expensive too so this could be a nice space filler! It started life as a 322 Monte Carlo and so has the ‘correct’ red interior!

The front bumper still isn’t correct - this has fog lights - but you’d need one of the originals to work on so that isn’t going to happen!

This one has to be a bit more expensive as all the parts cost more than usual, coming from reasonably good models themselves.

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