Corgi Toys 1956-73
322 Rover 2000 International Rally Edition (restored)

322 Rover 2000 International Rally Edition (restored)

49 GBP
Only available for a short time in 1967, this was the second 322 model but actually was quite different from its maroon predecessor, with a different shape of front section. The original models are really hard to find now and very expensive, even in poor condition. This is something I decided to make for myself. I used a maroon 322 as a base so it isn't as exact as it could be!

I have replaced the wheels too as the originals all had the cast type. The decals are produced by the Four little Wheels chap who has got the font and colours spot-on.

This looks really nice on display and may help to fill a space that exists in many collections, or provide a talking point for visitors and other collectors.