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321 BMC Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo 1965 edition

321 BMC Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo 1965 edition

65 GBP
This is the second in the Monte Carlo series of models, celebrating success in the 1965 race. With a very short life, replaced in 1966 by another model catalogued as 321 but with RN 2, signatures on the roof (and from a quite different cast), these are very much sought after. This particular edition was also featured in the Gift Set 38 Monte Carlo group of Mini, Rover and Citroen. That set now sells for a small forune so collectors are quite keen to obtain the components to create sets with replacement boxes.

This example is in pretty good condition. there are a few chips to the red paintwork and a sign of some touching in of a chip on the roof too. It is, otherwise, however, original with transfers on the two doors, bonnet and boot. these have some deterioration but still look find. Indeed, they're a lot better than some of the replacements available with ridiculously inaccurate fonts for the numerals.

The suspension is good and the wheels bright. the windows are clean and clear with no cracks. The jewelled head lamps and fog lights are all in place, as is the sump guard and all are original.

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