Corgi Toys 1956-73
321 BMC Mini-Cooper 'S' First edition

321 BMC Mini-Cooper 'S' First edition

70 GBP
The Mini-Coopers ahve always been a popular Corgi model. This was the issue in celebration of our success in the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally and was available either individually or in Gift Set 38 with the Citroen and Rover. Those sets are now worth a fortune in original boxes and, because the Mini was replaced later by another with RN 2 decals and a completely different casting, this one is quite sought-after now.

This is the only one that has fog lamps cast above the radiator grille. It has three jewels in the grille and a sump guard.

This example is in pretty good condition, all original too. It has some wear to the decals and small marks on the roof. At the back there are splshes of silver paint which I believe to be factory mistakes as I have known this model for some time and have been assured it was not the previous and original owner who wasn't the type to paint his toys.

This is not a bad item at all and a lot better than several I have seen in the Gift Sets recently! I have two available, one in a reproduction box which is slightly better than this one. I also have a 2nd edition model in an original box.