Corgi Toys 1956-73
321 BMC Mini-Cooper S 1965 Monte Carlo edition

321 BMC Mini-Cooper S 1965 Monte Carlo edition

80 GBP
These are always a popular item and most sought after now. This is the second of the Monte Carlo Minis, being issued in 1965 and it was not available for long, being replaced in 1966 by another model with the same catalogue number but a completely different casting and appearance.

This one has three fog lamp jewels as well as two cast lamps which no other Mini has got. It has the usual white roof and bears the RN52 transfers on the doors and related Monte Carlo transfers on the boot and bonnet.

This edition always has the shaped, free spinning wheels and the only known variation is a pinker shade of white on the roof. the suspension is sound and the paintwork very good. there are a few chips but not so obvious on the red paintwork. The worst are the few large chips on the roof. The windows are clean and clear.

It comes with a very nice reproduction box from DRRB which is well-made and almost indistinguishable from that version of the box issued at the time.

This is also the Mini that was included in the very rare and very expensive Monte Carlo Gift Set 38. That is one of the reasons these are now so expensive as collectors are keen to rebuild those sets too.