Corgi Toys 1956-73
319 Lotus Elan Coupe with detachable chassis

319 Lotus Elan Coupe with detachable chassis

70 GBP
This is one of two Lotus Elans that were included in Gift Set 37. This is the hard top version and is almost always bright yellow with a green top and stripe. The 318 is green with a red interior and a yellow stripe. These two are quite different from the normal 318 and 319 models released, although they do still seem to have been issued individually in boxes as well as the set. That must have been quite confusing for collectors and shopkeepers at the time.

The main difference is that these had removable chassis sections. Now quite why one would want to remove the chassis when there was not anything else to put in its place or, for that matter, another model it could fit into, is beyond me. There was a spare chassis in the Gift Set which fitted on a trailer which a VW Breakdown truck could tow. So I suppose you could take the chassis off and tow it around instead of the other one but I would have liked to have seen some alternatives produced by Corgi. Maybe they thought about it but things moved on and they never got round to it.

Of course, the normal 319 in a box was the red and white or blue and white model and you'll find that these always had the larger, cast wheels. So there was some possible swapping around possible if you had these models but I don't think that was what Corgi had in mind.

These are quite expensive now as collectors seek to make up Gift Sets with them. I am doing the same thing so this may not be available individually for long after I track down some other components.