Corgi Toys 1956-73
319 Lamborghini P400GT Miura Racing

319 Lamborghini P400GT Miura Racing

40 GBP

I always find it confusing when a later version of a model gets allocated an earlier number! This happens here where the original  #342 Lamborghini came with a bull in the box and was red. After a couple of years Corgi must have wanted to re-launch and decided to re-work the cast coming up with this one, #319.

It’s a silver car with purple and gold stripes and Racing Number 7. It had an even shorter life than its predecessor, going off the books in 1974 after only appearing in February 1973.

A nice model, it retains the features of the previous one - surprisingly, as the usual procedure was to seal up anything that opened, remove jewels and paint it orange. I love the extra lifting spoiler in the already opening engine compartment. The front section also opens as before.

Awful wheels, of course.

This example is in excellent condition. It even has suspension, unlike so many from this era! There are feint scuff marks on the roof but nothing else and even those are not very obvious.

I don’t understand why this short-lived model is not fetching a far higher price in the market.