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318 Lotus Elan S2 factory error

318 Lotus Elan S2 factory error

70 GBP

A very strange item! I bought this to dismantle and use the interior for a restored Emma Lotus but it needs to stay as it is.

A remarkable factory error has put cast wheels at the back and normal ones at the front! It is a pity the car is a bit chipped and the windscreen has suffered, although the suspension and interior are excellent.

There are some very scarce examples of the open top Lotus in white, not as Emma Peel’s car but with a driver and the Tiger In My Tank transfer on the boot and, sometimes, numbers applied too. Whether it was produced in white and someone thought it would look good in an Avengers set or the concept of the avengers Gift Set came first and some white ones were spare and finished up in boxes I don’t know. My guess is that it was the latter.

Anyway, this looks like an Emma Peel car that has had a new driver thrown in and a sticker applied but it nevertheless is a nice and extremely unusual item. The sticker is not a transfer and could be peeled off if you prefer.