Corgi Toys 1956-73
317 Morris Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 1964

317 Morris Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 1964

75 GBP
From the Wilford Collection.

This is a production sample from Percy Wilford, Corgi's Senior Model Maker who worked closely with Marcel Van Cleemput in the Northampton factory. It is almost identical to the issued item, having some silver detailing added. The transfer on the bonnet looks smaller too and the number plates are black.

It is in excellent condition, just two chips on the roof by way of any signs of use. It does not have a box and was probably used as a display sample for promotional photos or drawings.

This has come to light from Percy Wilford's grandson who has signed a statement f provenance for this model.

A chance to obtain a little of Corgi's 1960s history at a modest price.
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