Corgi Toys 1956-73
317 Morris Mini Cooper Mont Carlo 1964

317 Morris Mini Cooper Mont Carlo 1964

37 GBP

No.37 on the sides and a chrome lamp on the roof means this is #317 in the confusing world of Corgi’s Mini Coopers. At least this one escaped Whizzwheels treatment.

This is also the one easily identified by having absolutely no jewelled spot lamps, just the normal two big jewel headlamps.

This was around from early 1964 to 1965 when another Cooper rally win meant another model had to come out and that would be #321.

This one has lost its #37 decals but the red paintwork is actually really good. The roof is clean but the lamp has lost most of its chrome and the window unit has cracked with stress marks in a couple of places and appears broken beneath the lamp. There are touch-ins on the roof too.

There is an original box but not a lot of it left! Missing all but two end flaps and with quite a lot of damage it is still not something I can discard. This is quite a bargain, though, and would make an excellent display of a normally much more expensive model.