Corgi Toys 1956-73
314 Ferrari Berlinetta Le Mans

314 Ferrari Berlinetta Le Mans

30 GBP

This model was around for quite a while in the Corgi catalogue, lasting well into the early 1970s when all but the mini and a few others had disappeared. It is a good-looking model and has the super spoked wheels rather than the ‘spoke effect’ cast types which don’t look as good.

In fact, with its very bright spoked wheels and late type tyres I am pretty sure this is a 1970s edition. It has not been played with a great deal, if at all, with just very minor marks on the roof and one worn decal being at all obvious. The rear section opens nicely and the chromework is excellent all round the car and on the engine, with a correct spare tyre in place too. There is, however, part of the exhaust missing. Not at all obvious unless you know it should be there, though.

It seems a bit too cheap but it was a popular model and there are quite a few around, albeit most not being in as good condition.