Corgi Toys 1956-73
314 Ferrari Berlinetta 250 Le Mans gold plated special edition

314 Ferrari Berlinetta 250 Le Mans gold plated special edition

4500 GBP
This is an extremely valuable model, one of only very few made by Corgi in the mid 1960s for VIP visitors or associates. It is known that one model was given to Enzo Ferarri, another to R N Eason Gibson, head of RAC Motor Sport and one was retained by Marcel R Van Cleemput, Corgi's Chief Designer. This model was kept in a drawer by Percy Wilford, a Chief Model Maker at Corgi's Northampton factory, who worked closely with Van Cleemput, and it has only recently come to light.

Until now everyone thought there were just three but now we have number four!

It is in most respects the same model 314 that was issued in February 1965 and stayed in production until 1972. The construction is identical, the interior and blue tinted windows the same, as are the wire wheels, opening engine cover and detailed engine and spare wheel. The 1965 model was painted red with a yellow racing stripe and Racing Numbers 4 on the engine cover and doors, with a Ferrari logo on the bonnet.

There are no chips or dents on this model and only the faintest signs of any wear at all. the suspension is sound and the windows clean and clear. The exhausts are both present. 

I believe that the model is gold plated with a high quality finish as there has been no tarnishing over the years at all. I cannot, however, attest to this as I am not an expert in identification of metals and there are no records that I can trace as to specifications for manufacture. An example was handled by Sotheby's in 1999 and they referred to this as 'gold-plated' in their catalogue at that time.

With this model a statement of provenance will be included, signed by Ian Wilford, Percy Wilford's grandson. I will also include a normal 314 as illustrated.