Corgi Toys 1956-73
313 Ford Cortina MkIII GXL in beige and LHD

313 Ford Cortina MkIII GXL in beige and LHD

145 GBP
Here is a rare model. The 313 Whizzwheels Ford Cortina was sold in a box with a Graham Hill character and would normally be metallic bronze or metallic blue. For some reason best known to Corgi, an export edition was produced and painted a rather grotty shade of pale brown, better known as beige. Not only did they change the colour but they also changed the dashboard to provide a left hand drive version! Unbelievably, however, there are also right hand drive versions of the beige car! Which is rarest I do not know but neither is easy to track down. This one came from a colleague in Germany.

It is in less than perfect condition, with a crack in the rear screen and also at the bottom of the front screen. The silver has come off the wheels but the jewels are all present and the paintwork has survived pretty well. The red interior is clean and undamaged, the seats folding as they should.

There is no box or Graham Hill character but this is still a great item that will be missing from most collections. I am happy to keep it in mine for the time being too so, until I eventually find another, it is not for sale cheaply.