Corgi Toys 1956-73
312 Marcos Mantis

312 Marcos Mantis

25 GBP

Strange to say about a Whizzwheels model but this is an attractive and well-made model. The revised wheels actually look like wheels and are so much better than the previous type.

The tyres are still annoying plastic but it’s certainly a far more realistic wheel.

The colour is excellent and the doors open and close nicely. The interior is smart and use of silver for the base and bumpers makes a lot of sense.

All in all a very attractive model. This particular one has some significant corrosion on the bonnet and rear panel which I haven’t seen on any other Corgi. It is available as it stands at a very reasonable price to take account of that and I now have a better one in stock too.

This does seem a bit large, compared to other models. This was not a car that you’d have seen on the streets, being pretty scarce anyway, but I am sure it was not as big as it seems and I don’t know what happened to the scale.