Corgi Toys 1956-73
312 Jaguar E Type Competition Model

312 Jaguar E Type Competition Model

60 GBP
I have always been surprised that the E Type only lasted for less than two years in normal red or metallic grey form. It was an attractive and almost iconic model but Corgi decided it needed to be made more dramatic and used its plating skills to create this 'Competition' edition in 1964, effectively replacing the 307 model. They added a driver (the same as you'll find in the Elan, Marcos and several others!), some Racing Numbers and stripes and the car got a new black interior but kept its nice wire wheels.

The silver plate is easily damaged but has stayed almost like new on this one. The driver is missing but I will find an original to add to this when sold.

The whole model is original and in very good condition indeed.