Corgi Toys 1956-73
311 Ford Capri 3 Litre in flourescent orange

311 Ford Capri 3 Litre in flourescent orange

80 GBP

Quite a short life-span for the first Corgi Capri. Just a couple of years from 1970 for this and #303 a white Roger Clark version with a black bonnet. Then a Texaco rally version in all white appeared and was around a bit longer.

As one of the first Whizzwheels, this first came with the ‘red spot’ type of wheel but examples are very few and far between. I believe this is an original and has not been fiddled with although it is not impossible for the wheels to have been changed without leaving any evidence which makes it a difficult item to price.

The colour is not shown well in the photographs, being actually a flourescent orange quite unlike any other shade I have seen across the whole range. That also makes it quite rare and, as can be seen, apart from a chip on the front wing, the paintwork is actually very good indeed. The black interior is excellent and the doors stay in line.

The suspension at the back has suffered, though. It hasn’t completely gone - no support has been used in the photos - but it is rather low, not helped by the wheels being too small!

I have seen one in a box for sale at £125 but with the ugly wheels so I am pricing this similarly - this has no box but is definitely rarer than that one.

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