Corgi Toys 1956-73
309 Aston Martin Competition with original box

309 Aston Martin Competition with original box

170 GBP
One of my favourite models along with the Monte Carlo Rover 2000 which I tend to keep on my desk or shelf rather than putting away in a drawer with the other stock. This is the last outing for the Aston Martin and lasted from 1962 to 1965 (although it did reappear as the James Bond DB5!) There are two distinct models - one has an open vent on the bonnet and the other has a closed vent, this being a later revision. You will also find models with RN1, 3 and 7 in two styles of typeface, a quite thin style and distinctly thicker type. The RN1 is always sans serif and never 1. I have seen several styles of transfers,  with different positions of the diagonal lines in the Union Flag. So far these tend to be consistent with the different bonnet vent types but there may be some crossover. Replacement transfers are easily obtainable and even have an aged, slightly brown background so can be difficult to detect.

This example is in very nice condition with the only faults being chips to the bumpers. Otherwise the cream and pale turquoise paintwork is excellent and the casting free of what are usually many imperfections in this model. The wheels are shiny and like new and the base clean.

I also have a original box which I can supply with this or the other model I have in slightly better condition.