Corgi Toys 1956-73
308 BMC Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Whizzwheels

308 BMC Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Whizzwheels

50 GBP
This is the Whizzwheels version of the 339 which had been issued in 1967 and lasted all the way to 1971, finally getting yellow paint instead of red and the annoying plastic wheels. The roof rack remains, now with two Whizzwheel wheels in it, and the decals are as before but with paper stickers on the doors.

This can be found with red or blue interior and with plain or tinted windows. I think they all have a black base. This one is in very good condition with nice paintwork and a red interior. All five jewels are present and original.

The RN 177 stickers were missing so I have made these myself. they are accurate but the paper is just a little too thick. Other replacements can be found if required but I quite like these.

Although this stays available until 1976, making it one of the longer periods for a model, the numbers sold were not high, competing as it was then with the 1:36 models in a confusing 1970s market.