Corgi Toys 1956-73
305 Triumph TR3

305 Triumph TR3

20 GBP

The fourth of the ‘old English’ sports cars that were produced in the early days. This came out in 1960 and replaced the TR2.

It will always be in pale metallic green with red seats. The windscreens seldom will have lasted nearly 60 years on these and this is a replacement.

This one is in very good condition. The paint is all original and is just worn rather than anything else. The colour is a bit drab suits the car. It is often confused with the earlier TR2 and neither are that common. It was around until 1963, not as long as its predecessor had lasted.

The base, wheels and tyres are all good.

It has taken a while to find decent models of these old sports cars at a reasonable price.