Corgi Toys 1956-73
305 Mini Marcos GT850 in light blue

305 Mini Marcos GT850 in light blue

500 GBP
For a short period in 1973, some Transporter Gift Set 20s had a blue 305 Mini Marcos in the set. There are one or two illustrations of this set and a few have been sold over the years but this particular model has to be one of the really scarce items in the Corgi range. In many years of preparing my Catalogue site pages I have only ever seen one very badly wrecked example of the blue 305 until this one appeared in Germany. The seller seemed to know little about it and had not correctly listed it (using 341 as the model number instead of 305!) So this didn't get noticed and I was able to get it at a reasonable price.

I am always wary, however, of items like this. They are so rare and so valuable that it must be tempting for people to try and make one from the cheaper white edition and that is what I assumed must be the case here. It is missing the sill transfers (which do appear in the Great Book of Corgi illustration and on photos of a model in a set sold some time ago) so that is one cause to wonder. The paintwork also seems to have a more plasticky texture than a glossy Corgi model. 

Now, the transfers may not have been applied in the factory - that's nothing unusual for the Corgi factory at that time, or they have rubbed off - and the paintwork may polish up as any other model but I don't dare try just yet. The rivet looks like a genuine rivet, to be sure, but is also at a slight angle and there is some roughness around its edges. So even that is not conclusive! It could be that someone has, very cleverly, kept an original rivet head and glued it back in place but it could also just as well be a normal one. I have seen plenty with rough bits around them too. It doesn't appear to move. I would expect a 'rivet head only' to prise up and away quite easily.

So I am not at all sure about this - it really could be a very rare edition but it could also be a very, very smart copy. If it is a copy then one has to say well done to the person who did it. As soon as I can find a white one in need of repair then I shall have to have a go myself.

In the meantime, because it could be original, I have to price it accordingly. Basically, I am happy to keep it!