Corgi Toys 1956-73
304 Chevrolet Camaro SS Whizzwheels

304 Chevrolet Camaro SS Whizzwheels

160 GBP

With a very short life span indeed, this second version of the Camaro is in a lovely shade of blue with a pure white interior.

These are few and far between. The last one I had sold for £300 and it has been ages since I have seen another in any condition. Now I have a couple in stock. This is superb, with just a nick on the boot and another one or two on the wings. Otherwise the paintwork looks lovely.

The lights at the front can be hidden by a nice sliding mechanism and the rear ones are in place. These are the earlier dark red style like on the gold version and not the brighter type used for the Capri.

I have fitted a replacement white roof (which is removable anyway) as this did had a black one. I can still supply this with an original black roof if preferred, which does suit the car well and may even have been an option as Corgi are known to have  produced several variations during the period between Golden Jacks and Whizzwheel models to utilise parts remaining. This also has the black SS350 decal like the gold version had on the wings instead of the later white one and yet it has the white across the bonnet! Strange things went on at the factory in those times.

The suspension is hard but sound and the wheels as new.

There is no box for this one.

A rare opportunity to acquire one of these sought-after models in excellent condition.