Corgi Toys 1956-73
303S Mercedes-Benz 300SL Open Top

303S Mercedes-Benz 300SL Open Top

45 GBP

I was not keen on this model as a child but now I love it. It is made really well and just sits nicely on display, looking pretty classy. The silver plate edition is the normal one you’ll find but it was also available in this much better white and a pale blue.

The S version has the suspension system that is not at all obvious and even missed but some owners who think they have a 303! It still has the old-style metal base too.

The driver was added in 1962.

This example is showing some signs of wear and has a cracked front screen. However, it is a scarce edition with a yellow-tan interior and the driver is present. It is completely original and has a clean base and the usual firm suspension.