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303 Ford Capril 3 Litre 'Roger Clark' Edition

303 Ford Capril 3 Litre 'Roger Clark' Edition

20 GBP

Now pay attention and don’t get confused with the Texaco Rally version which is also white with a black bonnet! Basically these are the same model but with different stickers. This is the rarer being produced from 1970 to 1972 whereas the Texaco one came after in 1973 and stick around until 1976.

There was also the plain 3 Litre GT car but that should be orange or red. There are also quite a few later editions around to confuse us even more.

This has opening doors and the same nice black interior as the other two from this era. It doesn’t look quite right and the wheels are terrible on this car which was lovely in the real world. I have seen a version where the owner has replaced the wheels with spoked ones from a Berlinetta (or similar) and it looks 100% better.

Selling as part of the postman’s collection, this is not bad at all and avilable at a very reasonable price, including UK postage. The suspension is poor but the screens are intact and it only has a few chips here and there.

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