Corgi Toys 1956-73
283 DAF City Car

283 DAF City Car

40 GBP

The Whizzwheels era of 1970-4 certainly brought along some strange models and this is one of them. It is the DAF City Car but looks a bit big to me. With the Mazak brand on the baseplate it is believed that this is one that was made by another firm for Corgi and they didn’t achieve such good quality. However, this must have been a tricky model to make as everything opens!

Doors slide and both open on one side. The rear hatch lifts up and the bonnet too. Reminiscent of the Mini ‘Magnifique’ that was probably still in the shops at the time.

It’s very odd and not something I particularly would have collected but it is an important member of the early 1970s model list and there aren’t many around that have survived the opening and closing of all those panels.