Corgi Toys 1956-73
282 BMC Mini Cooper S

282 BMC Mini Cooper S

40 GBP

It can be easy to confuse the Mini Coopers - #282 is the white one and #308 is the yellow one. Both have the same number, 177, on the side but this is the one that is based on the all singing and dancing 334 model with opening everything.

As seems to be the case with the later versions, it’s all just that little bit less classy or smart and features diminish. So the sliding roof has gone, not that it would have suited a competition car anyway, I guess.

The interior is a ghastly red-orange plastic but the seat-backs do tilt. Otherwise it is much the same. There’s still 1275 on the boot panel and just some thinner black paint on the opening items makes them seem less solid.

This particular example is in pretty good condition. There are some marks on the paintwork here and there but the chrome seems to have survived remarkably well in comparison. The black painted doors look a bit scruffy and the left jewel looks like it has been pushed in and up slightly. So this isn’t perfect but still looks good on display.