Corgi Toys 1956-73
281 Rover 2000TC

281 Rover 2000TC

85 GBP

This has been one of the hardest to find out of all the Whizzwheels. The metallic purple paint is lovely but, my goodness, it does come off so easily resulting in so many of the very few examples around being disaster areas.

This has certainly had a few knocks and the photos make it look far worse than it is in normal view.

Although based on the #275 and retaining the amber sunroof, this model has a completely redesigned front end and bonnet which very faithfully displays the revised grill on models at the time. The chrome headlights are set off splendidly and even the same old wheels don’t look too bad on this car.

I like this a lot. It is really quite scarce, not just because many will have been thrown away when they lost so much paint and looked grotty but because they came out in Summer 1971 and went the next year. So they had a really short time in the shop. In fact, the books say they sold just 48000 and that makes the Rover the third lowest selling car of all the range. That explains why it is so expensive!