Corgi Toys 1956-73
281 Rover 2000 TC

281 Rover 2000 TC

85 GBP
Some of the adaptation of existing models to Whizzwheels are quite rare. This is the 275 that had Golden Jacks Take-Off wheels before and now gets a coat of purple metallic paint and some new grille design and chrome work. The revisions, apart from the wheels, are very accurate but this did not sell in large numbers and was only produced for a very short period. It is now one of the rare Corgis that collectors seek.

This example looks lovely on display, with paintwork that has survived much better than most. the paint does seem to be particularly vulnerable to chipping and most of these that I see are nothing like as good as this one. It does have a few small chips but they are not at all obvious from most angles, as you'll see in the photos. The windows and roof are also in very good condition with no scratches or cracks.

There is a piece of chrome missing from the registration plate and the nearside side lamp unit is missing. The wheels and suspension, never brilliant on these models, are fine, the wheel design being unscratched and not worn away. The rear bumper and base are like new.