Corgi Toys 1956-73
280 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

280 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

75 GBP

The first Golden Jacks edition, #273, had one of the shortest lives of any Corgi model in 1970 but its successor, #280 lasted all the way through to 1978 and that was with later competition from the bigger scale Corniche with which this is often confused.

Initially available in the silver and blue of the previous edition, this is also found in all blue and all silver. There are further variations of quarter lights on the blue models where a panel provided the door insert as well as the window section.

I think all the silver ones will have the moulded door interior and no window in the door. Most have gold chromework as this one but this also has gold wheels which are more unusual. I believe these are quite a bit later in its production and I have not seen many advertised. So, whereas the blue is quite common and inexpensive, this is rather scarcer.

It also has an excellent, solid and unmarked box with a nice old Welsh dealer’s price label.