Corgi Toys 1956-73
275 Rover 2000TC with red interior (2)

275 Rover 2000TC with red interior (2)

110 GBP
This is a scarce model. the 275 Rover in metallic sage green usually came with brown seats. The white edition had red seats which also seem to have found their way into a few sage green models. There are also examples with a white interior which are similarly scarce.

The model is just like the normal one in all other respects with the nice Golden Jacks system and a spare located in the container on the boot lid. This model is all original, including the wheels and spare and is almost unmarked. the chrome bumpers are very good but there are just a few chips to the near side doors and wing. the sunroof is clear, as are the windows all round.

A very attractive model and one you may need to fill a gap in your collection. One of two excellent examples I have in stock at this time.