Corgi Toys 1956-73
275 Rover 2000TC in white with original box

275 Rover 2000TC in white with original box

240 GBP
This is a superb example of the scarce white edition of this model with a really excellent original box.

This has not been played with at all and has very clean paintwork, unmarked windows and glistening chrome. The wheels are the Gold Jacks take-off type with the correct spare in the container on the boot. Often the lid of the spare container is missing or detached but this one is as it should be.

There are no marks on the box which is very clean and firm with a good interior tray and clear cellophane. There is just one place where the cellophane has been crushed or pinched but that is almost unavoidable on this type of box and is hardly a fault at all.

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