Corgi Toys 1956-73
275 Rover 2000TC in white

275 Rover 2000TC in white

44 GBP
This is a genuine white edition of the Rover 2000TC but it has had some new paint applied in places. 

The car is otherwise original and has not been taken apart, the rivets being undisturbed in the immaculate-looking base. The wheels are all good an original, being taken from a 1351 set that I had available, including one in the spare container on the boot panel. The container is an original with its lid still hinged but has been transferred from another model. There are some small marks on the front chrome and wear at the rear, as well as some over-painting on window frames.

The suspension is sound and the Golden Jacks work fine. The windows are clear and not cracked and the tyres excellent. A clean-looking example of this rare edition.