Corgi Toys 1956-73

275 Rover 2000TC in white

80 GBP
This is the scarce white version. Most were a sort of olive metallic green. This has dark red, maroon seats but the same amber roof.
These come along from time to time and are usually either immaculate, as if straight from an old shop stock, with the box too or looking a little grubby and with the lid missing from the spare wheel cover on the boot if not the wheel too.
Somewhere in the middle is this example which has everything where it should be but a few chips make it look much worse in the photographs than it actually is. The chrome is not at all bad, all four jewels are in place and the windows are clean and unscratched.
So it is a good example of this quite hard to find model. It was definitely one of the last on my list and maybe I can help ensure it makes yours a bit more quickly. Prices for these white ones are all over the place but this seems about right.
There may be one variation with a black roof (but still amber insert) but I am not sure as the only one I’ve seen looked like a repainted roof.
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