Corgi Toys 1956-73
275 Rover 2000TC in grey-green

275 Rover 2000TC in grey-green

35 GBP
This is what I recall as the second with Golden Jacks after the Mini Marcos. It was an unusual choice at the time - Corgi already had a lovely Rover 2000 and the TC badge made little outward difference that a model would show.
It had a very strange sunroof of brown transparent plastic and that I definitely don’t remember ever seeing for real!
With nice chrome and jewels replacing the trans-o-lite headlamps this is an attractive model and the Golden Jacks do work nicely. And the wheels themselves are nice reproductions of the typical hubcap of the times. I know because I had one! This model has the wrong wheels, though, but they do all match!
The spare wheel usually goes missing and the lid on the boot can be flimsy but this model has both the (correct) wheel and a completely sound holder. 
Released in shades of sage green and a much rarer white, this is one of the last models of the best era. You will find white seats, red seats and tan coloured seats - tan is probably the most common.
This example is all original but has a few chips to the paintwork.