Corgi Toys 1956-73

275 Rover 2000TC in grey-green

75 GBP
This is what I recall as the second with Golden Jacks after the Mini Marcos. It was an unusual choice at the time - Corgi already had a lovely Rover 2000 and the TC badge made little outward difference that a model would show.
It had a very strange sunroof of brown transparent plastic and that I definitely don’t remember ever seeing for real!
With nice chrome and jewels replacing the trans-o-lite headlamps this is an attractive model and the Golden Jacks do work nicely. And the wheels themselves are nice reproductions of the typical hubcap of the times. I know because I had one!
The spare wheel usually goes missing and the lid on the boot can be flimsy but this model has both the wheel and a completely sound holder. It is actually immaculate all round, not a mark to be seen.
Released in shades of sage green and a much rarer white, this is one of the last models of the best era. You will find white seats, red seats and tan coloured seats - tan is probably the most common.
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