Corgi Toys 1956-73
270 James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 in silver

270 James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 in silver

30 GBP
This model is part of a collection that I am selling on behalf of a friend and colleague and funds are for his son to do a World Scouting Trip. So the prices are all very reasonable and I can warrant that they are all one owner and original.

Here is a very good opportunity to own the better of the two Bond Aston Martins issued. This is the less well-known edition released a few years after the gold one and now in a more appropriate colour. It gets revolving number plates front and rear as well as tyre slashers on the rear wheels as well as the three existing features being retained. There were several versions and this one has gold bumpers and a round section on the base (not oval). The paintwork and body casting is very good indeed and the guns work at the front. Unfortunately, the rear shield doesn't stay closed and the ejector seat appears not to work. There is also neither bond nor baddie!

Nevertheless, this model, with its excellent wire wheels and good finish does look marvellous on display and a casual observer would not notice anything wrong at all!

Ideal either for someone as a temporary and very reasonable space filler or for someone who can repair it or use the parts.