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270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Type 1

270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Type 1

80 GBP
This is a nice example of the very first silver Aston Martin with silver bumpers. Replacing the gold 261 model, this gets tyre slashers added and also rotating number plates as well as the existing features.

It is in very good condition with almost no damage to the paintwork. Just the tiniest mark here and there. The windows are clean and clear. there may be a slight scratch on the passenger window but barely noticeable. All the features work but there is no baddy with this one at the moment. If I find one I will add him to the sale but it is intended to be sold without one. I also want to add the number plates that have worn away and when this is complete I will add some fresh photos.

The suspension is good and the wheels undamaged. I see that a tyre has split and this will be replaced as soon as I find an original. The front wheels are Type B. These early issues usually had Type A which were less 'see through' so this is a little more scarce than some.

A fine example of a Type 1 270 model and totally original!

These Bond Aston Martins are complicated. Be careful to check what you're buying. Many are now being restored too. There are five main types that can b fairly easily identified:

Type 1: Early 1968 - mid 1969
Tyre slashers, silver bumpers, base has a circular section at the rear, grey base.

Type 2: mid 1969 - end 1975
as before but with gold bumpers.

Type 3: 1976
as before but with an oval shape on the base

Type 4: early 1977 only
Whizzwheels, grey base

Type 5: early 1977 - early 1978
Whizzwheels, silver base.
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