Corgi Toys 1956-73

270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 silver type 1

120 GBP
There are so many variations of the James Bond Aston Martin! Some experts have whole sites dedicated to them (and even then I get confused!) I shall try and keep things simple. There are three variations you want of #270: the first issue with silver bumpers, the second issue with gold bumpers (the most common) and the last issue with flared wheel arches and no tyre slashers. (That version also has Whizzwheels, I’m afraid, but they don’t look at all bad, Corgi having made a bit of an effort.)
Then, to be really complete for the 1:43 range, you need the 261 gold (thankfully only one version unless you start looking at tiny mould differences!), And 96655 in silver with red slashers, 96656 in gold plate with red slashers (30th Anniv) 4201 in gold (with OddJob) and 4202 in gold plate with black slashers (35th Anniv). Lastly, there’s the 270 type 3 with no tyre slashers and wheel arches! That’s quite rare.
I really wouldn’t bother with the 1:36 range. They’re not very nice. Purists would probably turn their noses up at anything after the first two variations of 270, the others being made well after Corgi came and went!
This one has the rare silver bumpers, everything works and it is in excellent condition. The roof needs a bit of persuasion to lie flat and the eject mechanism sticks. Boxes for these are hard to come by as they were  a bubble affair, and tended to be discarded much more easily than the traditional type and with it would go the secret instruction envelope, spare baddie and lapel badge.