Corgi Toys 1956-73
268 The Green Hornet's 'Black Beauty' (2)

268 The Green Hornet's 'Black Beauty' (2)

95 GBP
This is an early version of the model with normal shaped wheels. The paintwork is lovely with no obvious marks at all apart from a small mark on one door and the tiniest of chips above the radiator. The screens are excellent with clear perspex and no scratches.

It has good suspension and tyres with clean, shiny wheels. The transfer on the roof is complete and original.

It has an original circular missile in the boot and that flies out (and could easily get lost so be careful!) Although this model does not have a front missile I have tested it with one from another model and it fires out very well once it has been located in position. This is a lovely example and the bonnet stays closed in line which makes it look so much better on display than the other one currently in stock.

A very nice example.