Corgi Toys 1956-73
468 AEC London Routemaster Bus (late edition) with original box

468 AEC London Routemaster Bus (late edition) with original box

50 GBP

I think every Corgi collection has to have a London bus, even if the scale is rather small. It looks really good on its own!

This #468 is the edition that had Whizzwheels but is not that common, coming out just before the new 469 version. This has the same scale as before, with a driver and ticket collector, louvred windows and the same Outspan and similar decals.

The difference, as well as the wheels, is that this one has no jewelled lights, just shiny chrome ones and the staircase is clear perspex. The ticket collector is also standing in a slightly different place.

These are surprisingly inexpensive at the moment. I think that is because most people tend to lump all the 468s in together but there are some significant variations in this very long-lived model. This Whizzwheels edition is, I believe, not that common as the 469 came along soon after (which definitely iscommon!). This particular example has an immaculate box and is in mint condition, only, I suspect, once removed from its box by me for these pictures.

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